Reasons Your Body Could Store Excess Fat

If you are trying to lose weight, you may be wondering why your body stores excess fat in the first place. Excess fat stored in the thighs, belly, etc. is very stubborn, so you can avoid getting more excess fat by learning about what causes it. Here are some common reasons why your body stores excess fat!

Poor Sleep

Surprisingly, one of the main reasons you could have a lot of excess fat may not be from what you eat, but from how you sleep. This is why supplements such as Recharge PM fat burner address this issue.

For instance, the Recharge PM burner works by making sure your body achieves deep sleep each night. Deep sleep is essential because it regulates the hormones in your body that make your metabolism faster.

You Are Consuming A Lot Of Fat And Calories

Even if you are following a healthy diet, you may not realize that you are eating a lot of fat and calories. While certain foods may be marketed as healthy, they may only be healthy within small amounts.

For instance, avocado is a fan-favorite food of many people in the health industry. However, avocado is actually very high in fat and calories. While avocado is still a good source of healthy fats, you should only eat a small portion of avocados each day.

Another example is almonds, which many people say you should snack on. Almonds are also great sources of fat and other nutrients, but a handful of almonds could contain almost 200 calories. Therefore, you should learn how to limit how many almonds you would eat in a day.

You Do Not Mind Your Drinks

One thing other people do not realize is that drinks can contain a lot of calories, sugar, sodium, etc. if you are not careful, the main cause of your weight gain could be from drinks other than water and low-calorie drinks.

For example, a frappuccino from Starbucks can easily have 300-700 calories, and that is only one drink. You could get the same amount of calories from eating a large, healthy meal. 

Moreover, drinks that contain alcohol could also be making your body store excess fat. One study found that people who drink alcohol regularly are more likely to keep fat in their bellies, especially if they are men. 

However, this does not mean you have to forego tasty beverages altogether. You can opt to go for low-calorie and low-sugar drinks when you go to your favorite cafes and restaurants. You can also go for the diet versions or sugar-free alternatives to soda.

All in All

Excess fat is often a result of a poor diet and other lifestyle habits, which make your body store excess calories as fat in the body. Typically, unhealthy excess fat will be stored in undesirable areas, such as your stomach.

Your body is more likely to store extra fat in your body when you have poor sleep, eat a lot of calories and fat, and consume unhealthy beverages.